ICO - A big difference with IPO's


ICO is somewhat misleading - these flotations are quite different from the similar one IPO's. Whereas, investors in shares receive ownership rights, those who put their money in ICO's and get cryptocurrency or tokens issued on a blockchain, an indelible distributed ledger of the kind that underpins bitcoin. They are meant to serve as the currency for the project they finance.

Another big difference is that most ICO's are unregulated and instead of providing an audited prospectus, various issuers and some publications just publish a white paper which often describes the project scenario in different terms.

There is no such bad thing about ICO. But, the big hope is that ICO will give rise to various organizations that could one day going to give a big attack on technological giants in today's economy.

ICO and their tokens are a way to fund and build alternatives. There are varying amounts of truth in all of the concern regarding ICO. The confusion comes because few people understand the nature of cryptocurrency and token offerings. ICO's may sound similar to IPO's. But, they are actually quite different apart, more focus is on crowdfunding than traditional issues of stock, in which investors get ownership of part of the company.

With ICO, investors get cryptocurrency tokens in a blockchain. Because there is so much speculation in tokens such as bitcoin, which keeps hitting record highs, ICO's have attracted investors hoping for big returns, who have done a huge investment in different cryptocurrencies. The main conclusion regarding investment in some of the other cryptocurrency is investment should always be done with proper research and with planning to have a good overview about what needs to be done in real time to earn maximum out of it.

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