New Blockchain Trend That Transform Business


In past few months, a new hot topic has emerged in the blockchain and financial technology industry, i.e initial coin offerings (ICOs). An unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding by use of cryptocurrency.

Billions of dollars in real money have been already used to buy cryptocurrency in the form of ICO's and the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has passed $160 billion. An ICO generally occurs when various firms create their own cryptocurrency and issue it for the investing purpose, rather than seeking investment directly from the markets or venture capital firms.

While in cryptocurrency market most of the money comes from blockchain community, the main advantage of this technology is so great that very soon major financial players will launch their own cryptocurrencies and enter the ICO market for cryptocurrency exchange.

ICO'S are more than crowdfunding, ICO as a new business model for cryptocurrency exchange with blockchain technology will sustain as the digital way, combining crowdfunding and a new hybrid asset class of equity ownership. Whereas, traditional investment method requires a firm to invest in one country, and utilize its cryptocurrency exchange by creating and selling its own cryptocurrency.

Till Today, mostly smaller companies have issued ICO's, but major firms have begun to make a stronger move in this area. Most of the major companies are already set up their own process of using ICO's as another means of raising capital and engaging their stakeholders.

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