Rules To Protect Your Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies are now considered to be decentralized and that is awesome. There are no banks, no middle man, no third party that will make everyone's life a nightmare and silent one.

Rule number one; most importantly always have a backup. Have as many as you can to have full protection from viruses, threats, and hacking. Further, if you think your data can easily be stolen or can slip, you can easily encrypt it, that will also provide maximum security. There should be several encrypted files made to get full protection to data.

Next important rule is to have wallet facility; This is very important for cold storage. That’s why when you store your coins offline for a buy or hold strategy. The reason is quite simple, If your coins are offline for a few months, quarter or a year, it’s highly likely that the file format will remain compatible with the latest version of the wallet. You always need to keep your wallet update. Jaxx can be used as a wallet facility, as it is considered to be best for storage and also it supports lots and lots of coins for storage. In coming future, there will be some hardware wallets to store and protect your cryptocurrency.

Next, No need to store any of the cryptocurrency on the mobile wallet or in any of smartphone. It's highly unstable and risky platform to lose all your cryptocurrency.

Now comes main part that is antivirus, never and ever use free antivirus as it does not comes with full premium security. Full security and numerous features will always help to protect your coin. and further, with two-factor authentication, you will get an additional feature to have protection against your all cryptocurrency, whether the store in a wallet or anywhere.

While concluding, I would like to say that, if you don't have your privacy or some importance to your belongings, money etc, then it will not be yours at any cost and you can lose it easily.

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