The Women Shaping Cryptocurrency-International Women’s Day


If you are assuming that cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology is male-dominated than maybe you are right, saying this would be a fair assumption to make! As stated by some studies women make up only between four to six percent of blockchain investors. However, saying that women aren’t pioneering in this space would be a false submission to believe in.

As now this year CoinJournal celebrates International Women’s Day, so the theme for this time is #pressforprogress calls for the change needed in gender equality around the world. One change that we all want to see in future is women in technology, specifically in cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. For some, there is plenty more that needs to be done to increase women’s voices in this nascent space.

According to Jane Zhang, marketing partner at Delphy, a blockchain-powered predictive market, the world of cryptocurrencies trails behind in diversity with an underlying tone of a ‘gentlemen’s club’ culture. Even though the long walk is being made with gender equality in the wider technology industry, Zhang questions why cryptocurrency events are being held at gentlemen’s clubs, a possible reference to the North American Bitcoin Conference that was held at a Miami strip club earlier this year.

“Why are there so many stories from women who have attended cryptocurrency events only to be subjected to sexist and condescending remarks?” she added. “An innovative and exciting new world is stuck in the dark ages.”

As females involved in the crypto market is may be lower than male counterparts. But with the time now we can see female interest in the industry is increasing. This is evident by the number of female members in bitcoin meetups around the world. The London Women in Bitcoin group boasts 485 members while the Women in Bitcoin meetup in San Francisco has 429 members. With a significant number attending events, this makes for an encouraging future where women play a more central role in technology.

At the end of the day, it’s not a case of us against them, but a cause for celebration at what women are doing in the crypto space right now and what they’ll continue to do in the future. Not only that but by identifying with and aspiring to be like the women we see making a change with today’s technological advancements we can hope for a better future where women aren’t left behind.

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