Understand Top Bitcoin Exchange Script


First of all, there are various entrepreneurs who should know about what are the startup companies which generally comes with success factors. and why do they think that bitcoin business model best suits them?

Now, let us understand why bitcoin business model is best in today's digital era, by discussing top bitcoin exchange script business startups.

Coinbase: It is one of the biggest exchange in 2013 supporting 32 countries with more than 4 million users all over the world. The coinbase website generally works for Canadian and American customers. Coinbase allows their customers to buy and sell bitcoins through their bank account, credit card. In 2017 February coinbase has witnessed 25% increase in their traffic.

Phoenix: It is one of the bitcoin exchange scripts that allow their traders to trade with various altcoins. It has also witnessed fast traffic growth since 2016.

Cex.io: One of the bitcoin exchange that except pounds, dollars. Its website traffic is increasing day by day with the simple user interface.

Bitfinex: One of the bitcoin exchange script based in Japan. It allows trading of bitcoin up to 3 times more faster and in 2017 Bitfinex have seen the major increase in their traffic.

Unocoin: One of the popular bitcoin exchange script of India, which also supports bitcoin trading, having a popular increase in global rank all over around 70000.

These bitcoin exchange script business shows that bitcoin exchange websites are having a strong growth in bitcoin network as it helps in increasing global rank and visits over the website.

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