Why ICO Market Growing So Fast


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is growing at a rapid rate and is also a small market. In 2016 world spend an ICO of $103 million. In the same year, the world market has done an investment amounted to $127 billion. The first ICO took place just over four years ago. The proposal was not made to allow anyone to create their own cryptocurrency using bitcoin as the basis.

In 2014 and 2015, the number of ICO could be counted on the fingers rather, but in August 2014, a rather large placement took place that is Ethereum blockchain. Today, the vast majority of ICO's are conducted on the basis of Ethereum the relative simplicity of writing smart contracts which have promoted the popularity of the platform and facilitated the attraction of funding.

Now the major conclusion, the most attractive factor for investors is blockchain as such. The two largest ICO's are the projects of new blockchains: Tezos, Eos which will continue to grow till 2018. At the same time, most of the projects do not have a working product, this is not a negative factor for various investors who have done investment in cryptocurrency market.

In general, for various projects that are related to the infrastructure of the new blockchains, the creation, and transformation of tokens, accounted for almost a third of all funds raised by the 100 largest ICO's in economy for exchanging. From the point of view of existing laws, the cryptocurrency itself does not have a legal status. The main reason for a capital of blockchain projects is trust. The largest ICO's, which are measured in millions of dollars, was conducted by well-known people in this environment. 2018 is considered to be a huge year for ICO to be carried out for various projects.

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