The Women Shaping Cryptocurrency-International Women’s Day

If you are assuming that cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology is male-dominated than maybe you are right, saying this would be a fair assumption to make! As stated by some studies women make up only between four to six percent of blockchain investors. However, saying that women aren’t pioneering in this space would be a false submission to believe in.

As now this year CoinJournal celebrates International Women’...


Securities and Exchange Commission says Cryptocurrency platform should be registered

Bitcoin slumped back below $10,000 after the US Securities and Exchange Commission said that many online trading platforms for digital assets should register with the agency as exchanges. The largest cryptocurrency named Bitcoin has dropped as much as 13% to $9,416 after the SEC stated about cryptocurrency platform registration.

If a platform offers to trade of digital assets that are securities and operates as an exchange, as defined ...


PayPal Patented a Crypto Speed Boost

PayPal a U.S based company has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, on March 1 this was issued, to enhance the speed of cryptocurrency payments. The patent report an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System”, involving the use of secondary private keys to shorten wait times for transactions between consumers and merchants. So that transaction beco...


How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are Changing Today’s World


What’s interesting about cryptocurrency isn’t the currency itself, but rather the technology behind it, the blockchain. It’s the decentralized public ledger that relies on cryptography in order to ensure that every transaction is valid.

The way it works makes the blockchain an ideal way to ensure transparency and integrity when the two parties involved in any business don’t trust each other o...


New Cryptocurrency by Uber Co-Founder “Eco”

Garrett Camp Uber’s co-founder and chairman, has created his own cryptocurrency. This new cryptocurrency is known by the name Eco. The project is currently in its initial stage, the design stage with limited programming complete, and Camp the co-founder is looking for more field experts, scientists, and researchers to get involved in his initiative. They are going to initiate the test-net for the coin later this year.

The virtual...


Venezuela Collaborating with Russia on CryptoCurrency

In this article, we will try to form an idea of the certain news and its possible consequences, which look very interesting from the point of view of the finances of a country that is being surrounded, throughout the traditional international financial system.

There was a rumor that Venezuela and Russia were going to work on their own government approved and authorized ...


New Update in Bitcoin Market

In past few days, cryptocurrency was running in various directions, especially in a disorganized way. Bitcoin prices are scatted before but that’s not going to be same for long....


Status of Cryptocurrency in Today’s World

The virtual currency has raised highly more than 1,000 percent since the start of the last year. Nothing increased so rapidly above the usual level so fast in the financial world before. Now the question is what is fuelling this rapid rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? This is something that has puzzled many financial analysts and bankers. Famous business ...


Rules you should follow before investing in Cryptocurrency trading

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency trading you must go through the rules given below for safe and secure trading.

Think big and Begin with Small Amount:

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Cryptocurrency Banned !!!! Is Cryptocurrency Legal Today?

Since the start of 2018 bitcoin has suffered a huge crash as compared to the last year 2017. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a different relationship because although they are not technically banned they are not considered to be legal tender by many of the financial institutions in India. This was outlined by Our Finance Minister ( Mr. Arun Jaitley ) during a budget speech on February 1, 2018.

The government of India does not c...


Precautions To Remember Before Investing In Cryptocurrency

Being in Control of investments is very important. It is very important to know that What, Where, Why and How to invest in Cryptocurrency. The world is becoming more and more aware of cryptocurrencies and their various implementations in solving real-world problems.

There are some of the measures that should be kept in mind while doing some initial investment in cryptocurrency.

- Invest only what you can afford to lose: T...


Rules you should follow before investing in Cryptocurrency trading

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency trading you must go through the rules given below for safe and secure trading.

1. Think big and Begin with Small AmountContinue Reading


Three Key Cryptocurrencies Rules Revealed

Dropping of price does not mean that it is the end of Bitcoin, but it is the right time to do investment in cryptocurrency. Now, when everybody is saying that its end for bitcoin for the 175th time. It's time to see where to invest and which is the best cryptocurrency to invest today on the buyer side.

After the restrictions that have been made for usage of cryptocurrency in many countries like China. Prices of majo...


How To Invest Today In Cryptocurrencies

If you have suddenly landed somewhere and got a sudden thought about investing in one of cryptocurrency, further you might be already interested in investing in any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are definitely by far the hottest investment product currently available.

In the past, various investors in cryptocurrencies have been quite successful. Let’s have a look at some figures, which shows the price of Bitcoi...


Trade Crypto With Best Platform

The concept of universal money that can be traded worldwide, which is surging in value and price every day is the most important aspect for traders. Let us discuss what exactly cryptocurrency trading is? what is cryptocurrency? and what are the top cryptocurrency trading platform?

A cryptocurrency is a digital, virtual, currency which uses cryptography for security. In other words, a cryptocurrency ...


Rules To Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are now considered to be decentralized and that is awesome. There are no banks, no middle man, no third party that will make everyone's life a nightmare and silent one.

Rule number one; most importantly always have a backup. Have as many as you can to have full protection from viruses, threats, and hacking. Further, if you think your data can easily be stolen or can slip, you can ea...


Create Your Own Digital Currency

Today anyone can make their own digital currency. Even if we look at hundred of coins available today, it will show you that there are almost as many reasons to create your own coin as there are many people in the world. It is not as hard as somebody thinks in order to create your own digital currency. Anybody can do it, regardless, whether you have any technical expertise or any programming knowledge.

The very first question that c...


Why ICO Market Growing So Fast

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is growing at a rapid rate and is also a small market. In 2016 world spend an ICO of $103 million. In the same year, the world market has done an investment amounted to $127 billion. The first ICO took place just over four years ago. The proposal was not made to allow anyone to create their own cryptocurrency using bitcoin as the basis.

In 2014 and 2015, the number of ICO could be counted on the fi...


Understand Top Bitcoin Exchange Script

First of all, there are various entrepreneurs who should know about what are the startup companies which generally comes with success factors. and why do they think that bitcoin business model best suits them?

Now, let us understand why bitcoin business model is best in today's digital era, by discussing top bitcoin exchange script business startups.

Coinbase: It is one o...


New Blockchain Trend That Transform Business

In past few months, a new hot topic has emerged in the blockchain and financial technology industry, i.e initial coin offerings (ICOs). An unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding by use of cryptocurrency.

Billions of dollars in real money have been already used to buy cryptocurrency in the form of ICO's and the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has passed <...


Cryptocurrency - Avatrade Trading Platform

Avatrade is considered to be the best trading platform for cryptocurrency trading in cryptocurrency market. Some of the major reasons for Avatrade best trading platform are:

- 24*7 customer services.
- Allows Hedging and present in 5 different languages.

Avatrade generally offers 4 ways to trade those are :

- Forex

- Spread Betting

- CFD...


ICO - A big difference with IPO's

ICO is somewhat misleading - these flotations are quite different from the similar one IPO's. Whereas, investors in shares receive ownership rights, those who put their money in ICO's and get cryptocurrency or tokens issued on a blockchain, an indelible distributed ledger of the kind that underpins bitcoin. They are meant to serve as the currency for the project they finance.

Another big difference is that most ICO's are unregulated...


What cryptocurrency is all about?

Currencies only began in about 2,500 years ago and ever since have been a great enabler of democracy and social mobility. By making it easier to capture value for goods & services that ordinary people provide and by creating a means of storing value today that can be used in the future currencies have literally changed society and the world.

Currencies enabled the creation of the first modern corporation, the m...


Cryptocurrency - Initial Coin Offering

An initial coin offering is a means of crowdfunding the release of a new cryptocurrency. Generally, tokens for the new cryptocurrency are sold to raise money for technical development before the cryptocurrency is released. Unlike an initial public offering, acquisition of the tokens does not grant ownership in the company developing the new cryptocurrency.

There is a real madness in the cryptocurrency market today, with a wave of ...


Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Future for Cryptocurrency Economy

Bitcoin continues to grow the interest of the many across the world as its achieving its heights. Bitcoin is well on its way to becoming more than just a hot topic now. There are certain predictions that have been set in Bitcoin. In case of Bitcoin futures, if an investor believes that the price of Bitcoin will be changed to a certain price in future, then the investor can use this prediction according to their advantage.

The inve...


What do you mean by Cryptocurrency? Need to know more!

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses methodology to generate money and to verify transactions. Transactions are added to a public ledger also called a Transaction Block Chain and new coins are created through a process known as mining. ( Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals from the earth usually from an orebody, lode, vein, seam, reef or placer deposits). cryptocurrency has been used as a decentralized alternative to tradit...

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